Ken's Shelter Pet of the Week


American Staffordshire Terrier & American Bulldog Mix - 3 Years Old

Oden is about 3 years old and has a very unique story to tell. He spent one year with us learning basic behavioral cues to help him adjust to life in the real world. He was a great student and even knew how to relax in a crate. Oden was not comfortable with people he did not know. He was lucky enough to be adopted, but the adopter did not listen to our advice to go slowly introducing him to new people and places. As a result of this, Oden escaped from the adopter and spent the next 5 months in the woods with us frantically trying to find and capture him. Oden lived on groundhogs and the charity of people who spotted him and fed him. He traveled a far distance over the 5 months and was identified thanks to a microchip. All of our shelter dogs and cats are chipped when they leave us.

Finally, Oden returned to us. He is as gentle as ever and very well mannered. Being large in stature and still not comfortable with strangers, we will be very selective in placing him and insist on a fenced property. Oden is very affectionate and playful once you get to know him. He needs to be the only pet in the household to start is journey in a home.

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