Sunday Side Up Easter Egg- stra: "Cover of Rolling Stone" by Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show

John Lockwood
March 12, 2021

Released in 1972 as their third single, "Cover of Rolling Stone" by Union City, New Jersey's Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show is a satire lamenting the fact that they had not appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. It took off and reached #6 on the charts.

And... Dr. Hook finally appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone's March 29th, 1973 cover.

Well... sort of.

Instead of a photograph, the cover featured a caricature of just 3 of the band's 7 members. Plus... the group's name was not used; instead the caption read, "What's-Their- Names Make the Cover."

"Cover of Rolling Stone" was written by Shel Silverstein, an American writer, poet, cartoonist, songwriter and playwright. Silverstein was also responsible for writing other Dr. Hook songs including their early hit "Sylvia's Mother."

Shel Silverstein Fun Fact: "A Boy Named Sue" by Johnny Cash and "The Unicorn" by The Irish Rovers were also written by him!

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