Sunday Side Up Motown Moment: "TNT Motown 25th Medley" by the Temptations and the Four Tops

John Lockwood
March 12, 2021

1983's Motown 25th Anniversary Special has a lot of iconic moments... including Michael Jackson's premiere of the "moonwalk" for Billy Jean. But a powerhouse performance- a Battle of the Bands, if you will- by the Temptations and the Four Tops IMOHO stole the show! This success prompted them to tour together as "T-N-T".

Temptations Fun Facts: They were originally known as the Elgins... until they discovered another group was already using that name. They were also the first Motown act to win a Grammy Award (for "Cloud 9" in 1969).

Four Tops Fun Facts: Originally known as the Four Aims, they changed their name so as not to be confused with the Ames Brothers (as IF!). They also had the distinction of retaining the same 4- member lineup for 40 years!

T-N-T Fun Fact: Both groups hail from Detroit!

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