Sunday Side Up Weekly Special: "I Missed Again" by Phil Collins

John Lockwood
March 12, 2021

"I Missed Again" is the second single from Phil Collins' 1981 solo LP "Face Value." The first single, of course, was "In the Air Tonight."

<timeout to perform iconic drum part from "In the Air Tonight">

Back to "I Missed Again." This song from "Face Value" was one of many written for the album as Collins was going through a divorce... and the lyrics reflect that.

Fun Fact: Horns on this tune were performed by the Phenix Horns... also known as the Earth, Wind and Fire horn section!

Stream of Consciousness Fun Fact: The video features Phil as all the members of the band (ala "Coming Up" by McCartney in 1980) performing with "air" instruments (much like Journey's 1983 "Separate Ways").

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