Sunday Side Up Weekly Special: "Saturday in the Park" by Chicago (Happy Birthday Walter Parazaider)

John Lockwood
March 12, 2021

Released in 1972, "Saturday in the Park" by Chicago reached #3 on the Billboard charts. At the time, it was the highest charting single by the band and also helped propel its accompanying album, Chicago V, to #1!

Walter Parazaider, a founding member of Chicago, plays sax with the rest of the horn section on "Saturday in the Park."

Fun Fact: A lyric in the tune, "Singing Italian songs," is followed by "Eh Cumpari", the title of a Julius La Rosa song from 1953. The lyrics that follow on the original release are nonsensical Italian. The lyric sheet simply credited those words as "?". It has since been corrected...

Fun Walter Fact: Mr. Parazaider also performs the famous flute solo on Chicago's "Colour My World."

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