Tequila 101 - Nagle's Wet Your Whistle

Chris Nagle
December 1, 2020

First off let me begin by apologizing for not updating this in a few weeks.  We shall be talking about Lagers and beers again beginning next week. This week we talk about Tequila…well, technically it is tequila, I will explain in just a bit.  I mean we have Cinco de Mayo right around the corner so I feel it is apropos.  We have all heard about eating the worm in a tequila bottle, technically the type of alcohol that contains the worm is not and is tequila.  Let me explain.  Tequila is made out of one type of agave fruit, whereas mescal, the type of alcohol where upon you would find the worm and or other types of creepy crawlies, is made out of different agave fruits, sometimes up to 28 kinds.  So, the mescal I would like to talk about today is SCORPION MAZCAL!  Yes you read right this mescal contains a scorpion. Can you eat it? We will discuss that in just a few.  First, this totally took me off guard with its citrus taste.  I am not a big tequila drinker but man this stuff is good.  You do get a bit of the bite from the oak that this is aged in but man the complex notes of the different types of citrus and spices in quite good.  I could drink this on the rocks or use it to make a nice margarita.  A typical 750 bottle of Scorpion Mezcal will run about 40 to 50 dollars and is about 40% alcohol per volume.  Now about the scorpion itself…Can you eat it? YES.  Did I?  No. All mezcal products do suggest that though you can eat the creature inside the bottle they do not recommend it.  But, like I said...you can.

Til next time… drink responsible and salute!

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