This week I lost a friend...

Rick Rock
December 11, 2020

The pandemic hit close to home this week. I lost a friend.

I was introduced to Kenny Jeremiah by a mutual friend about 20 years ago while he was performing in Atlantic City and instantly became a friend. Not a unique experience for him because that’s who Kenny was. Kenny made friends with people from all corners of the world from all walks of life and he made everyone feel special. He was welcoming, generous, kind and humble.

Kenny Jeremiah was one of the original founding members of The Soul Survivors best known for their 1967 hit, Expressway To Your Heart, the first hit song written by the team of Philadelphia’s legendary Gamble and Huff and the first song of what would eventually become “Philly Soul”. Kenny had been performing under his own name and with other bands in the South Jersey Shore area for decades and of course heard on WIBBAGE 94.3. Kenny’s appearance at our annual WIBG Christmas party became a tradition and his performance the highlight of the party. That was Kenny Jeremiah the performer. His dynamic talent and ability to please the crowd was rivaled only by his loving heart and pure goodness. A great guy who will be missed by many.