Wonka - Ken's Featured Shelter Pet

Ken Schaffer
May 16, 2022

Wonka is one of our shelter favorites and has resided with us since 11/16. He is a beautiful Chesapeake Retriever/pit-bull mix breed about 3-4 years of age. Wonka struggles in the kennel and as a result does not show well to people when they are looking for a pet at the kennels. He spins and barks in his kennel, but once he is free he is loving and very calm. Volunteers regularly take him home for a day away from the shelter to relax and he turns into a perfect pet. If we can't take him home, we let him rest in our cars because he just needs relief from the confinement and lack of stimulation in the kennels. Wonka would do best in a home as the only animal because the stress of the shelter makes him somewhat reactive to other dogs and cats. He would probably be fine with other animals in the future, but not now although he can walk past other dogs sharing the road.

Wonka's Petfinder Link: Click here to learn more about Wonka

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