Three reasons why you
should buy radio


Radio reaches more people every week than social media sites, search sites, e-commerce sites, entertainment and music sites or video sites.

275 million people listen to radio every week! That's 92% of Americans. Of all ages, all races, all demographics. Compare to 87% for television and 81% for smartphones.


Radio is the #1 audio choice in EVERY HOUR and Radio is the #1 Medium over 70% of the time.

Why? Because radio is live, local, human conversations that keep everyone tuned in all day, everyday.


Radio is the king of audio in the car,
and 80% of Smart Speaker Users Are AM/FM Radio Listeners.

And now, smart speakers and mobile devices have made radio more accessible at home. After checking the weather, the top activity on smart speakers is listening to broadcast radio.

Why Wibbage?

Our listeners are “Adults with Money”...

WIBG “Wibbage FM 94.3 listeners are adults aged 35-64, and they have MONEY. They are at their peak earning potential. Our listeners are the people who own the best shore homes, buy the best cars and eat in the best restaurants. They have a lot of discretionary income to spend with YOUR business. They are exactly the kind of customers you want to have visit your business.

Radio is more affordable than ever!

When it comes to reaching a mass audience of adults with money, WIBG Radio is an incredible bargain. Tell tens of thousands of South Jersey consumers about your business at a lower price than ever before. The key to persuasion is repetition! It's basic human psychology. Your 30 or 60 second radio message is played over and over again, hour after hour, multiple times a day, all day, every day.

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