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Why Wibbage?

Our listeners are “Adults with Money”...

WIBG “Wibbage FM 94.3 listeners are adults aged 45-64. Our listeners are spending money on their homes and families. They are at their peak earning potential. Our listeners are the people who own the best shore homes, buy the best cars and eat in the best restaurants. They have a lot of discretionary money to spend. They are exactly the kind of customers you want to have visit your business.

Radio is more affordable than ever!

Radio is an incredible bargain. Tell tens of thousands of South Jersey consumers about your business at a lower price than ever before. More effective at communicating your compelling message to potential customers than a quick click banner or a social media blurb that is scrolled past in less than a second, your 30 or 60 second radio message gets the entire message out, over and over again, multiple times a day, all day, every day.