Rick Rock
January 26, 2022

Here are some signs that you might be annoying everyone you work with: You just can't seem to make it to those early morning meetings on time. You almost always leave the office early “to beat traffic.” You buy a huge gift basket for someone in the office without consulting any of your co-workers, and then tell everyone that they owe you $10 to chip in. You've once again forgotten to take home and wash the container that has the remnants of your tuna
salad lunch. And you are annoying when you don’t see the need to learn how to fix a paper jam because there’s always someone around to help you do it.


Aired Monday 5-23-2022 in the 10am hour on The Mid-Day Show with Rick Rock. WIBBAGE 94.3

If it's not you who is the pest at the office, then show this blog to the person who needs to read it. ~RR~

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