Rick Rock
August 28, 2022

According to First For Women magazine, when it comes to Mexican food, if you love quesadillas, you’re reliable. If it’s tacos, you get things done. People who order nachos are independent. Eating a taco salad indicates you’re a true friend. And if your favorite Mexican dish is a burrito, you’re a trendsetter who’s always looking for something new and exciting.

Other than Mexican food, if you love the saltiest potato chip you tend to believe that outside forces, not your own actions, determine your fate. If you crave dark chocolate, you're the life of the party and a social butterfly. If milk chocolate is your favorite, you're the quiet, introspective type. If you crave spicy food, you love order, dislike wasting time, and sweat the details. And sugar fiends tend to walk on the wild side who like to stand out and feel special.

Source: What Flavor Is Your Personality? by Dr. Alan Hirsch

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