Rick Rock
January 26, 2022

Yea? well then there’s an excellent chance you are near 60years old. The average age of a baseball fan is 57. That’s much older than any of the other major sports. And just eleven percent of adults listed baseball as their favorite sport to watch. That put it well behind football (34 percent) and tied with basketball for the second favorite sport.

Source: Forbes magazine, 4/7/22/Washington Post newspaper

The average ticket to a Phillies game is $42.00. That's just the seat. A trip to see any professional baseball game usually involves the ticket
plus, food, drinks, and parking. And the price for all that depends on which city you are in. The Chicago Cubs have the most expensive games
at $110. New York Yankees are in second place setting you back $102 per person. After the Yanks, there’s the Red Sox and the Washington Nationals.

Source:, 4/10/22

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