John Lockwood

Monday - Friday: 12am - 6am and Sunday 9am to 10am
I have been a Wibbage Good Guy since 2014. Born in Niles, Ohio (birthplace of William McKinley) and living in New Jersey since 1984, my broadcast career encompasses gigs as air personality, disc jockey, trivia host, emcee, producer, salesman and jack-of-all-trades. Life is a constant learning experience... and I'm more than willing to learn! Join me Monday through Friday from midnight till 6am for "The John Before Dawn Radio Show" where, as Your Weekday Overnight Local Radio Guy, I serve up great midnight snacks and musical morsels. Sunday mornings from 9 till 10am, I host "Wibbage Sunday Side Up with John Lockwood". We'll go around the world in 60 minutes with a great mix of All Your Favorite Super Hits... plus a chance to enter our "Random Win Sunday" contest!