Rick Rock
January 26, 2022

We call it one of the many Hallmark Holidays, like Mother’s & Father’s Day, fill in the blank Appreciation Day, and more but Valentine’s Day? Nope, they just cashed in on it. Most say it began as a pagan holiday from the 6th century BC. Pope Gelasius I technically invented Valentine’s Day in AD 496 to Christianize the holiday. But the Valentine’s Day we know today, with the cards and chocolates, really started as late as 1985, when Hallmark launched their Valentine’s Day advertisements in the US, claiming themselves as “The Valentine’s Store”. So now it’s cards, roses, chocolate, dinner reservations, champagne and you can fill in the rest. Happy Valentine's Day to Lovers everywhere. ~RR~

Aired Monday February 14, 2022, in the 10:00am hour, on The Mid-Day Show with Rick Rock. WIBBAGE 94.3

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