Rick Rock
January 26, 2022

Want to stick around 7 more years? Stop smoking. When you quit inhaling the more than 7,000 chemicals cigarettes deliver to you, the
life-lengthening benefits kick in quickly. And if you continue to smoke, you are not only knocking years off your life, but you are also making
yourself look older than you are. On average, people see smokers and guess they are about six years older than their chronological age.

Source: Cleveland Clinic

Not to mention the financial cost. The method I used to quit years ago worked 100% for me. I am very happy to share that with anyone who wants to quit. Who knows? maybe this is just what you needed. Drop me an email and let me know. type " QUIT SMOKE" in the subject line.


Aired Wednesday 4-20-22 in the 10:00am hour on The Mid-Day Show with Rick Rock
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