Rick Rock
August 28, 2022

People are obsessed with the day’s weather. It is the go-to topic when it comes to small talk. Researchers say the average American has 1,095 chats about the weather every year, or about three per day.

The weather is, after all, the one thing we all have in common so let’s talk about it. Many people, like me for example, love summer but when temperatures become too toasty, people grow moodier and less kind.  If you grew up in a high-temp town you’re also less likely to be emotionally stable and less agreeable. If you grew up in freezing temperatures and you’re not likely to be outgoing, because it's freezing outside!  People who grew up in temperatures around 72 degrees were more agreeable, extroverted, conscientious, and emotionally stable.

Sounds a little like the story of the 3 bears; Too Hot, Too Cold.. and Just Right. Looks like Baby bear is the way to go.   ~RR~

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